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Biosecurity Equipment

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Farm Supplies Cleaning & Disinfection Chemicals & Equipment

Climate Control Equipment

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Mr. Jordi Drietellaar

Commercial Director, Trouw Nutrition

“In the B2B industry, there is a big audience upcoming to the event. Vietstock is a great event to promote our company and help businesses grow because we have the opportunity to show our equipment and solutions so customers can really experience what we can offer. I hope that Vietstock will come back every year, and we are looking forward to being back next year.”

Mr. Kieu Van Khuong

General Director, UKA PHARMA

“We have visited the Vietstock exhibition many times before. Vietstock 2023 organized by Informa Markets and the Department of Livestock Production has attracted many customers and businesses in Vietnam and around the world. We receive great interest from customers in imported products and products we produce ourselves.”

Mr. Gregory Kominik

Regional Director, INSTA-PRO International

“Vietstock is a great show with great traffic and many quality leads. Overall, Vietstock of Vietnam is very impressive. I am confident that this great show will help us generate more business in Vietnam. Keep up the good work!”

Mr. Terry Emonds

Biosecurity Expert - THE SCHIPPERS GROUP

Schippers Group is very new in the Vietnamese market, so we want to also promote our products and make them available for Vietnamese farmers to make sure they get to know us and use our biosecurity products to promote and use for hygiene purposes on their farms. We had a very busy day here at Vietstock, and many customers went to our booth that’s why my experience here is very good.

Mr. Mike Lin

Animal & Plan Division / Regional Sales Manager - SYNBIO TECH INC.

Southeast Asia is a very big market for the animal feed additives markets and a manufacturer we would like to further expand our martker share in the Vietnam market that’s why we participate at Vietstock. We meet a lot of Vietnam customers, and other countries so this a very good event for us really know the world Synbio Tech

Mr. Nguyen Duy Hai

Sales Manager – Buhler Vietnam

Vietstock Expo & Forum to us is one of the most important exhibitions for Animal Nutrition sector and we’ve been looking forward to joining this show, especially after the global pandemic. We bought our latest technology and solution for Animal Nutrition to increase the production. We met many of our key customers and a lot of new customers as well to visit our booth so that we can share the new technologies and exchange knowledge. So far, the experience at the show is wonderful. We would like to thank you the Organizer for letting us to be a part of Vietstock and hope to continue joining the show in the future

Mr. Edvent Chin

Regional General Manager - BIG HERDSMAN

We believe that our products have been well-known in this market and we explore more to the new customer and bring new technology in the region especially the Southeast Asia region to educate and pass the latest knowledge and information to the customer and for our existing farmers. Informa Markets did a very good job in this event and a lot of customer feedback that the advertisements of Informa on Vietstock 2022 were very good.

Mr. Eric Fabry

Wisium Business Unit Managing Director in Vietnam

This is not the first time for us to be at Vietstock Expo & Forum because we had been in the show several times. We’re very happy to be here at Vietstock Expo & Forum after 2 years of Covid-19. We’re happy because the number of visitors in Vietstock Expo & Forum is interesting and for us is a advantage to showcase our knowhow, services & products to the market. Overall, the exhibition is well-organized

Mr. Davan Krishnan

Product Manager - BIG DUTCHMAN ASIA

We’re a German company but based in Malaysia. We are specialized farming equipment and we build poultry farms, pig farms. To be at Vietstock Expo & Forum, we want to show to Vietnamese customers that we also have renewable solutions for livestock environment to treat waste, to make organic fertilizer. So far, we have a good response, a few existing and new customers to look for waste treatment solutions. Thank you so much for the Organizer for making such a good show

Mr. Pham Chi Van

CEO - PHAT NGHIA (P&N Agro Business)

We have been operating our business since 2003 focusing farming equipment & technologies, imported livestock breeds and feed production. We had been joining Vietstock in Vietnam from the very first show and continuous to support the show. The return of Vietstock is beneficial for our business in specially and for Vietnam livestock industry in general. We hope to be with Vietstock in the next upcoming editions!”

Henrik Boholm

Area Manager, Asia, Africa, Belgium, Greece

Such was the satisfaction from exhibitors that many have already booked for Vietstock, but don't take our word for it, here's what some of our exhibitors had to say about the Vietstock Expo & Forum.

Our company is internationally founded since 1972. We have about 150 farms from where we export breeding stocks to all over the world. Vietnam is our biggest market at the moment. So, it’s important to come Vietstock 2016 and talk to our customers and meet new customers.

Ms. Vu Thi Yen

CEO, Skiold Vietnam.

This is the 1st time, Skiold attents Vietstock and here is in Vietnam. We are extremly happy about the services from Vietstock. As we have joined Vietnam’s market since March 2015 and we have 24 clients from the north to the south of Vietnam. So, we are here to showcase our systems and we expect to have more clients in the future.

Dr. Sakkarn Suwanseanee

AVP. International Business, Better Pharma Company

Vietstock this year is very good. There are many guests to visit this show more than last time. I am happy that there are so may prospect clients visiting our booths. This leads to improve our business and expand it bigger.

Mr. Lee Hock Hwa

Managing Director, Nabel Asia SDN. BHD

Nabel is a Japanese companies specializing on Egg grading and Packaging system. We are establishing to serve South East Asia, including Vietnam. We come to the show this year to introduce our products and technologies to the Vietnam market. We really want to see the hygiene and high quality eggs are produced by our equipment in the Vietnam market. I feel very happy after 3 days show because I’ve been able to meet many new customers, friends and business partners. By this way, we can learn more about the industry information and more importantly, we can enhance our relationship with all of them.

Mr. Mex Tay

Sales Manager, Astino Agro Equipment SDN. BHD

We are specially providing the cross house system as well as equipment for swine and poultry. Come to the show this year, we would like to introduce our isolation technologies to the Vietnam market which will help control the temperature in order to make our client to have more production. I would like to thank Vietstock for providing such a great show and we definitely come back in 2018.

Mr. BK Chew

Regional Director Asia-Pacific, Nutriad

Nutriad is a Belgium company which establish 50 year ago. We specialize in nutritional feed additive. This is the third time we attended Vietstock. I think this is the largest show with many improvements compare with the last two shows. Vietnam is our important market and our profit is very good for the last ten years. We made at least 80% of our largest top ten customers at the show. I think the quality of the show is good and we benefit a lot in the Vietstock show.



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