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  1. Anticipating climate change

This topic is rather wide, but an undeniable one. It is good if producers have a plan to get ready for what to do to make sure that water or energy will continue to be plentifully available, to secure feed sources and anticipate the increase in feed prices.

  1. Applying precision technology

Technology can help on the management side, with ingenious programmers taking care of ventilation and feeding systems, but also on the observing side, with sensors picking up signals from the house. Precision feeding can make sure each animal will get exactly the right amount of feed for its age and breed.

  1. Building multistorey

A relatively modern solution that is mostly being applied in China to this date. Pig houses being placed on top of each other – the tallest project so far counting up to 26 layers altogether.

  1. Enhancing biosecurity

In recent years, PED, PRRS or ASF have made it crystal clear that biosecurity can make or break the success of a farm. Biosecurity does not only apply to animal farms, but also to processing facilities.

  1. Going organic

The trend can come with marketing organically produced meat all the way up to consumers, who are happy to pay a premium when they know that the pigs have been allowed to live a good life.

  1. Producing antibiotic-free (and no ZnO)

This trend started about 20 years ago in Northern Europe with an attempt to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters as its use would encourage antibiotic resistance. Global awareness that prudent use of antibiotics is essential has been growing, even the curative use of antibiotics is now being applied as carefully as possible.

Vietstock is the Premier International Feed, Livestock, Meat & Aquaculture Industry show in Vietnam. The exhibition will be held in 3 days from October 11 to 13 at SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC.

Conferences & Technical Seminars and Technologies, Products & Solutions showcase will be happening throughout the 3 days of the event. The program brings together leading experts, engineers, and professors in the livestock industry, who will share valuable livestock knowledge.

Leading livestock businesses exhibiting at the Vietstock will “show off” the most advanced technologies and solutions, opening unprecedented opportunities for business cooperation.


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