On the last Saturday of April every year celebrates World Veterinary Day. This is an opportunity to honor and thank animal health advocates, veterinarians, and animal care workers.

Important contributions of the veterinary industry

In the livestock industry, veterinarians are not only health care providers for animals, they are also indispensable companions, helping farmers ensure food safety and sustainable development.

This April 27 let’s join Vietstock in celebrating World Veterinary Day by paying tribute to their great contributions to protecting the health of livestock and poultry and contributing to the prosperity of the livestock industry.

The work of veterinarians does not stop at treating diseases of pets or agricultural animals. They also protect the health of animals, ensure the quality of food from animal sources, and contribute to scientific research on animal health.

Journey for a healthier world

The work of veterinary workers not only helps improve the quality of life for animals but also contributes to protecting public health and the living environment.

They face diverse challenges, from detecting and treating diseases to preventing epidemics, managing animal populations, and protecting biodiversity.

In the context of globalization and the challenge of climate change, the work of veterinarians has become more important than ever. They care for the health of animals and act as gatekeepers, protecting us from diseases that can jump from animals to humans.

Grateful who protect animal health

Let’s appreciate the tireless contributions of veterinary doctors/staff and raise awareness about the importance of this profession in modern society.

Their work is a solid foundation for the development of the livestock industry and food safety.

VIETSTOCK – A place to connect and share the latest technology and knowledge in the veterinary and livestock industry

Accompanying the livestock industry for two decades, Vietstock is an unmissable destination for experts in the livestock industry in general and veterinarians in particular.

With specialized conferences and seminars taking place throughout the 3 days, professional knowledge, trends, or techniques in animal husbandry and animal health care will be topics of interest and sharing. shared at the exhibition.




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