In the global economic context, the meat processing industry holds an indispensable position in the national economy. However, despite its great importance, this industry is still facing many challenges and development opportunities.

And what happens when such an important industry fails to make the expected progress, despite many measures?

In this article, Vietstock will present the following content:

  • What role does the meat processing industry play in the national economy?
  • Technical, technological and machinery solutions in the meat processing industry
  • The role of VIETSTOCK 2024 – a highly appreciated event that will contribute strongly to promoting the development of the meat processing industry in the future.

What role does the meat processing industry play in the national economy?

The meat processing industry is not merely a segment of the food supply chain; it constitutes a significant role within the national economic framework. The industry’s role transcends the provision of nutritious food. It is influencing health standards, consumer culture, and even the advancement of ancillary industries.

Việc xuất khẩu thịt và các sản phẩm chế biến, ngành này không chỉ giúp tăng trưởng GDP mà còn cải thiện cán cân thương mại của quốc gia
The export of meat and processed products not only helps increase GDP but also improves the trade balance of the country

The meat processing industry makes a major contribution to the economy by:

  • Creating Employment: Spanning from livestock farms to processing facilities, this sector generates millions of jobs nationwide.
  • Contributing to GDP: Through the export of meat and processed products, the industry not only boosts GDP growth but also fortifies the nation’s trade balance.
  • Influencing Related Sectors: With close ties to agriculture for raw materials and to packaging and transportation sectors, meat processing is intricately linked with numerous other economic segments.

Yet, the full extent of this industry’s importance is not universally understood.

In the next section, we will delve into technical solutions, cutting-edge technology, machinery, and the key factors influencing the growth of the present and future meat processing industry.

Technical, technological and machinery solutions in the meat processing industry

Meat processing techniques

Meat processing techniques comprise a set of scientific methods and processes applied to transform animal meat into safe, flavorful, and nutritious meat products. They include:

  • Meat processing techniques involve steps such as slaughtering, de-feathering, organ removal, meat classification, and ensuring meat hygiene. Proper meat processing techniques are essential to ensure the quality and food safety of meat products.
  • Meat preservation techniques include cold storage, freezing, vacuum packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Meat preservation techniques are crucial for extending the shelf life of meat products and maintaining their quality during storage.
  • Meat product processing techniques methods such as curing, smoking, drying, fermenting, and the production of sausages and other processed meats. Meat product processing techniques are vital for creating a diverse range of meat products with varying flavors, colors, and nutritional values.
Ngành công nghiệp chế biến thịt ngày càng phát triển, đòi hỏi ứng dụng các công nghệ tiên tiến để nâng cao hiệu quả
The meat processing industry is increasingly developing, requiring the application of advanced technologies to enhance efficiency

Meat processing technology

The meat processing industry is increasingly developing, requiring the application of advanced technologies to improve efficiency, quality and food safety and hygiene. Vietstock 2024 is an ideal place for businesses to update the latest meat processing technology, helping to enhance their products and brands.

Automation technology: Enhancing productivity and reducing errors

Automation systems are implemented in various stages of the meat processing cycle, including transportation, classification, preliminary processing, and packaging. These systems aid in labor reduction, productivity enhancement, and the minimization of human errors. Some notable examples of automation technology in meat processing are:

  • Robotic Systems: These sort and cut meat based on size and fat content.
  • Automated Packaging: This system packs meat products swiftly and with high precision.
  • Material Handling Systems: Automated conveyors and autonomous vehicles transport both raw materials and finished products.

Biotechnology: Enhancing meat quality and protecting the environment

The application of biotechnology in animal feed production, vaccine development, and veterinary medicine helps to:

  • Improve Meat Quality: Enhance the nutritional value of meat.
  • Prevent Epidemics: Minimize disease outbreaks in livestock farming and ensure food safety.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact: Mitigate the effects of livestock farming on the environment. Examples of biotechnology in meat processing include:
  • Probiotics in Animal Feed: These improve the digestive system and boost nutrient absorption in animals.
  • Vaccines for Livestock: Development of vaccines prevents diseases, reducing the need for antibiotics.
  • Biological Enzymes in Meat Processing: Application of enzymes tenderizes meat and enhances its flavor and nutritional content.

Preservation technology: Extending shelf life and ensuring product quality

Applying advanced preservation methods such as deep-freeze storage, climate-controlled storage, and polymer film packaging, contributes to:

  • Extending the shelf life: Prolongs the freshness of meat products.
  • Ensuring quality during storage: Maintains the integrity of products throughout storage.
  • Minimizing waste and loss: Reduces the likelihood of product spoilage and loss. Examples of meat preservation technology include:
  • Deep-Freeze storage: Meat is stored at temperatures of -18°C or lower to preserve its quality.
  • Modified atmosphere packaging storage: Meat is kept in an atmosphere regulated with a specific gas mixture.
  • Polymer film packaging: Meat products are packaged using films that resist gas, oxygen, and UV light penetration.

Food safety technology: Protecting consumer health

Quality management systems, traceability, food hygiene and safety inspection are applied to:

  • Ensure that meat products are produced in accordance with food safety and hygiene standards.
  • Allow for the traceability of product origins, from livestock farming to the end consumer.
  • Help in detecting and promptly addressing food safety violations.
Áp dụng các phương pháp bảo quản tiên tiến như bảo quản lạnh giúp kéo dài chất lượng sản phẩm thịt
Applying advanced preservation methods such as cold storage helps extend the quality of meat products.

Some widely recognized food safety and quality management systems in the meat processing industry include:

    • The ISO 22000 quality management system.
    • The HACCP food safety management system.
  • Product traceability systems

Machinery and equipment in the meat processing industry

Machinery and equipment are pivotal in modernizing the meat processing industry, contributing to enhanced efficiency, quality, and the safety and hygiene of products. Specifically, some of the machinery and equipment used in the meat processing industry include:

  • Meat processing machines: Such as slaughter machines, de-feathering machines, evisceration machines, meat slicers, and meat grinders.
  • Meat preservation machines: Including refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, vacuum packers, and climate control units.
  • Machines for processing meat products: Like salting machines, smoking machines, drying machines, fermenting machines, and sausage stuffers.
  • Quality testing equipment: Comprising pH meters, colorimeters, protein analyzers, and microbiological testers.

To update the most advanced technology and machinery, to improve production efficiency, product quality and branding, don’t miss VIETSTOCK 2024.

Introduction to VIETSTOCK 2024

VIETSTOCK – Vietnam’s Premier International Feed, Livestock, Aquaculture & Meat Industry Show, held for the first time in 2004. With 20 years of organization, Vietstock always renews itself with a variety of programs and activities. Not only a B2B exhibition, this event is a companion and business bridge of the livestock industry in Vietnam and the region.

In 2024, A true milestone achievement, VIETSTOCK will be held on 09 » 11 October 2024 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Co-located with Aquaculture Vietnam 2024, VIETSTOCK 2024 will be the unique one-stop business platform for professionals in Vietnam & region, who are involved in the farm-to-fork value chain for feed, livestock, meet & aquaculture products to meet up, create new business opportunities, come up with new ideas and solutions.

The show expects to attract 400 international & local exhibitors and 13.000 trade visitors & professional buyers during the 3-day show.

Registration at VIETSTOCK 2024:

Register online

Triển lãm VIETSTOCK 2024 với sự tham gia của hơn 400 đơn vị triển lãm từ hơn 50 quốc gia và vùng lãnh thổ
The VIETSTOCK 2024 exhibition will feature over 400 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and territories.
  • Visit the official website of Vietstock 2024: 
  • Click the “Online – Registration” button on the menu bar.
  • Completely fill out the online registration form.
  • Confirm registration and wait for email notification from the organizers.

Register as a group

Bus-in Program is Vietstock 2024‘s tailor-made transportation services for groups of minimum 30 pax to livestock, meat, and aquaculture farmers from various provinces in Vietnam and Cambodia to easily travel and visit Vietstock 2024 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC).

You will receive some priority as below:

  • Express visitor registration at the Group Delegation Counter
  • Free transportation
  • Group photograph session upon arrival
  • Free-attend concurrent activities
  • Receiving updated information about the Event

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VIETSTOCK 2024 is an important event not to be missed for businesses, organizations and individuals operating in the livestock, feed, aquaculture & meat processing industries. The exhibition brings the following practical benefits:

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: VIETSTOCK 2024 showcases advanced solutions, technology, and machinery in the meat processing industry, enabling businesses to enhance production efficiency, product quality, and cost savings.
  • Market Expansion and Partnerships: The exhibition attracts a diverse audience, providing opportunities for businesses to introduce products, build brands, and connect with potential domestic and international partners.
  • Enhanced Competitiveness: Participation in VIETSTOCK 2024 keeps businesses informed about market trends, boosts competitiveness, and reinforces their market position.
  • Collaboration and Industry Growth: The event fosters collaboration among businesses, organizations, and individuals in the meat processing industry, facilitating knowledge updates, and promoting collective development.




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