Technical seminar on swine farming with the topic of Improve the feeding strategy and farm management towards to sustainability in swine production, is organized on June 20, 2024, at Viet Phuong Royal Palace, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam.

Swine Roadshow will be held on June 20, 2024 in Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

Sustainability of Swine Farming in Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen province is a significant area for livestock farming in Vietnam. Livestock contributes to about 50% of the province’s agricultural economy. Statistics show that the livestock industry in the province annually supplies around 95,000 tons of meat to the market, generating about 6,000 billion VND in revenue.

Pig farming largely dominates the livestock industry in Thai Nguyen, making up over 45% of the industry. Thai Nguyen has an estimated pig population of 600,000. Farm-scale pig farming in the province has made great progress, accounting for nearly 50% of the total herds. The quality of herds is also high, with the rate of productive and high-quality exotic pigs reaching 76% of the total herds.

In recent years, Thai Nguyen has been emphasizing sustainable agricultural development. The province has been implementing the circular livestock production model, using crops as feed and utilizing livestock by-products to create high-quality organic fertilizer for cultivation.

The swine production in Thai Nguyen continues to have positive developments. However, Thai Nguyen, along with other provinces, faces numerous challenges. Animal feed prices remain high and aimlessly fluctuate, impacting the profits of livestock farms.

Understanding the difficulties of the situation, Vietstock has organized a series of livestock roadshows, in four key livestock provinces in Vietnam. The seminars aim to promote the development of Vietnam’s livestock industry by providing a platform for experts to share knowledge and practical solutions for existing problems in livestock farming.

Seize opportunities to develop sustainable pig farming

The specialized Swine seminar in Thai Nguyen will be the first in a series of roadshows from Vietstock. With the theme of Improving feeding strategy and farm management towards to sustainability in swine production, the seminar aims to provide fresh knowledge for businesses and farmers to address issues related to swine feed. The seminar will take place on June 20, 2024, at Viet Phuong Royal Palace, Bac Son (extension), Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam.

The Animal Husbandry Association in Vietnam will provide an Overview of Swine Production in Vietnam. Businesses can update the fresh and official information about the present pig farming status.

Businesses will be provided with additional knowledge about sustainable livestock farming through in-depth sharing from Livestock Experts of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Thai Nguyen Province, with the seminar Ensure the hygiene and disease-free livestock farming environment in sustainable development of swine farming.

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Animal Health Expert – Vet24 Academy and IAES, has information and shares about Herd health management – Solution to reduce mortality & increase pig farm productivity.

In addition, businesses will have an overview and solutions for Breed and feed usage in sustainable development of swine farming – Current situation and solutions, by Former Vice Principal of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

Informative seminars will be presented at the roadshow

Cooperate with businesses in the livestock industry

Besides informative insight from the seminars, attendees have the opportunity to expand their network with businesses in the livestock industry. At the roadshow in Thai Nguyen, there will be a display of outstanding products and services from 3 businesses: AN PHU, ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL and MINH ANH HANOI.

AN PHU is an enterprise specializing in importing and distributing chemical products and raw materials for core industries such as animal feed production, fertilizer production, food processing and water treatment. AN PHU will bring to the Thai Nguyen roadshow safe, effective and sustainable solutions of disinfectants for farms and materials, feed additives to increase livestock production.

ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is a leading supplier of process solutions, technologies and services for the animal feed, aqua feed, pet food, and biofuel industries. Pellet mill FEEDMAX G7 and FEEDMAX G9 with modern technology from Andritz will be present at the roadshow.

MINH ANH HANOI is a supplier specializing in providing raw materials for animal feed factories with a network of customers spanning across Vietnam and internationally. 2 highlight products from MINH ANH HANOI are DCP and MCP, adding minerals in animal feed, supporting disease resistance and increasing egg and meat production.

Connect with livestock businesses at roadshow

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