Vietstock Expo and Forum and Aquaculture Vietnam are committed to improving our environmental, social, and economic impact and inspire many others to take bolder steps to contribute to this long-running campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Vietstock’s events extensively conceptualize and embed sustainability ideas and content to promote awareness of our campaign to our clients and partners and impart knowledge to drive sustainable actions.

Through our collective efforts in accelerating our commitment to sustainability, we pursue to support and inspire sustainable production and development in the livestock, poultry, and aquaculture sectors.

We put the 17 Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of our event to raise awareness and emphasize the call to action to end poverty, improve the lives of everyone, and save the planet.

Rest and Recharge

We value the health and overall well-being of everyone who joins our event by providing a dedicated area to rest.

Go Digital

We reduce our paper printouts on our marketing materials and embrace the advantages of using a digital approach to reach a wider audience without making a harmful impact on our environment.

Powered by Renewable Energy

We commit ourselves to be a carbon-neutral event and prevent creating carbon omission that harms the environment.

Sustainable Booth Design

Vietstock encourages our exhibitors to use recyclable materials in building their booths and use sustainable marketing strategies to promote their products, like using QR codes to reduce printed papers.


Vietstock inspires and encourage our partners, contractors, and suppliers to slowly switch to a sustainable approach to improve their social and environmental impact.


Dreamcatcher workshop is one of the activities in the Sustainable Lounge of Vietstock 2023. Dreamcatcher workshop uses recycled, environmentally friendly materials.On the journey to explore Vietstock 2023, we invite you to rest, relax and make your own lovely dreamcatchers at booth B30! Register here.


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