The swine roadshow with the theme of Pig Farm Management & Feeding Strategy For Optimal Growth & Profitability will be held on August 17, 2023, at the Convention Center Thien Phuong, No. 42/1, Le Thoa Street, Quarter 6, Tan Tien Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province.


“Swine-Production Capital” is the title that many people often give to Dong Nai, the leading province in the Vietnam’s pig industry. For a long time, Dong Nai has built many livestock farms in large numbers and scales.

The locality owns the natural conditions to thrive livestock. The road and river transport system are very convenient for transportation. Dong Nai province is located near the Ho Chi Minh City, the largest pork consumption market in the country. When the farms develop, food processors and breeder suppliers also choose this as a destination to reduce transportation cost from production place to consumption place. Less rain and storms, hard ground, the construction process of barns and farms is very convenient and quick.

“Many concentrated farms appeared, farmers quickly adapted, effectively applied scientific and technical achievements, which create favorable conditions for Dong Nai pig farming industry to develop, so it should be associated with the name of the Swine-Production Capital” Mr. Tran Van Quang, Director of the Livestock Production and Animal Health Sub-Department (The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Dong Nai) said.


Along with African Swine Fever (ASF), feed prices have increased too high in recent times, while there have been times when the price of pigs has dropped too low, causing a series of small farmers in Dong Nai to quit their jobs. If a few years ago, small-scale husbandry accounted for 70% of the total herd in this province, but now only about 25-30%.

Facing unprecedented difficulties, the whole livestock industry is trying to find solutions to revive and promote the development of the livestock industry. With nearly 20 years of operation, Vietstock understands the difficulties and accompanies businesses and households in livestock industry to overcome immediate difficulties and develop stably in the long term.

Following the success of the swine roadshow in Hung Yen, in-depth topics on pig farming will be updated by leading experts in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. The roadshow on swine production in Dong Nai was held with the theme of Pig Farm Management & Feeding Strategy For Optimal Growth & Profitability on August 17, 2023. This is also the last roadshow to close the series of 05 livestock roadshows organized by Vietstock.

Under the companionship of the Animal Husbandry Association in Vietnam, the topic of Current situation of livestock industry and solutions to develop sustainable swine production in Vietnam will be shared and discussed at the workshop. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thieu from Nong Lam University will update all businesses and households with new solutions for pig farming, with the topic Nutritional solutions to improve animal health and develop sustainable livestock industry.

One of the most interested topics today, Factors affecting vaccination quality and results of extended vaccination against African Swine Fever vaccine – Navet – ASFVAC will be the topic of Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hanh – Deputy General Director – National Veterinary II Joint Stock Company (NAVETCO) shared.

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When participating in Vietstock as well as Vietstock’s roadshow, businesses immediately access the opportunity to expand business connections in the livestock industry. This is also an opportunity to display and introduce our typical products/services to many customers.

  1. Trung Hai Scientific Equipment:
  • Solutions, equipment, and supplies in various fields including Food Safety and Sanitation, High-Tech Agriculture, Animal Health and Aquaculture, and Healthcare
  • Highlight product: Petrifilm Neogen/3M; RANDOX – Kit Elisa; FUMAGRI HA
  1. Minh Anh Hanoi Joint Stock Company
  • Supply raw materials for animal feed production.
  • Highlight product: Dicalcicum Phosphate – P 17% – Sunward; Dicalcicum Phosphate – P 17% – The Tuong; Dicalcicum Phosphate – P 18% – Sunward; Monocalcium Phosphate – P 22% – Thien Bao; Sodium Bicarbonate – NaHCO3 99% – Aijie
  1. IT&R Global
  • Supply quality products for livestock, cattle with technical team and experts from overseas
  • Highlight product: Prosea – product extracted from seaweed which has anti-inflammatory bio-actives and more than 70 other important marine minerals.
  • VNF’s biotechnological ‘green’ orientation boosts the nutrient recovery and final value derived from shrimp co-products.
  • Highlight product: SHRIMP PEPTIDE – shrimp protein that has been hydrolyzed by specific enzymes that help to increase feed intake and improve intestinal health for animals.
  • A trading company who has imported and distributed for food, feed, fertilizer additives and nutrition to supply to his clients in domestic thru the nation of Vietnam.
  • Highlight product: BioAktiv Professional Animal Feed (Pig & Poultry) and BioAktiv Professional Salis (Pig & Poultry).
  1. LabVIETCHEM – HappyVet
  • Provide high-precision diagnostic solutions for veterinary and aquaculture diseases. The exclusive representative of GeneReach in Vietnam.
  • Highlight product: POCKIT™ Central offers a cost-effective sample-in-answer-out nucleic acid testing system by integrating magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction.
  • Ruby imports products on a global level and had international commercial relationship with 35 countries all over the world.
  • Highlight product: RUBY ROCKIES are highly compressed mineralised salt blocks used as a Feed Supplement for Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle. Horses, Goats and Deer.
  1. JYGA Technologies
  • Provides design and manufacture electronic feeding system, which assures all sows to get the perfect feed intake.
  • Highlight product: GESTAL – precision feeding system, optimize feed intake in farrowing.
  1. Thai Binh Duong JSC
  • Manufacture and trade livestock products, veterinary instruments, and specialized equipment for the animal husbandry industry.
  • Highlight product: Thai Binh Duong high-class plastic syringe with two volumes of 10 ml and 20 ml, the syringe is designed to inject drugs and vaccines for small and large cattle such as pig, cow, goat, and sheep.
  1. Vemedim Corporation
  • Production, domestic and international trading of veterinary and aquatic drugs. Exports veterinary medicine and aquatic products to more than 49 countries and regions.
  • Highlight product: Permavit supplementing with Vitamin, Acid Amin, Electrolyte to help increase food utilization efficiency, increases hatching and fertility rates, and boosts egg production.


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