Specialized seminar on swine production organized by Vietstock with the theme of Pig farm management & feeding strategy for optimal growth & profitability on July 18, 2023, at Pho Hien Hotel – 58 Pham Ngu Lao, Hung Yen City, Vietnam.

The pig industry of Vietnam and the world has experienced many fluctuations in the past 2 years, especially facing difficulties due to high raw material prices. At the end of May 2023, the market recorded the best pig price increase in recent times, combined with good demand and the cooling of agricultural product prices, the pig industry will have rapid developments in the near future.

The specialized seminar on pig farming in Hung Yen is the first roadshow in a series of 05 roadshows organized by Vietstock exhibition. With the goal of promoting the strong development of Vietnam’s livestock industry, 05 roadshows will be held in 05 key livestock provinces from July to August 2023.

Optimal growth & profitability

Pig raising seminar in Hung Yen organized by Vietstock with the support of departments and associations of livestock industry. At the roadshow, representatives of departments and agencies will update the guidelines and directions to promote the development of the livestock industry in Vietnam.

Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam will share about The situation of pig farming in Vietnam & the problems. This will be a seminar for businesses to quickly update information about the livestock and pig farming market.

The roadshow on pig raising in Hung Yen is a scientific forum with in-depth technical content. Representatives of Thuy Phuong Swine Research Center – National Institute of Animal Sciences will have in-depth sharing on Feed and Nutritional Techniques in swine production for more effective productivity.

Doctor Nguyen Van Minh, Animal health expert – Vet24 Academy and IAES will bring to the seminar the content of Group reproductive management (batch mating) – Optimal solution for disease management and sow farm productivity. The contents will cover many new knowledge and techniques. Continuing the useful content, High-tech swine production, disease management and biosecurity will be presented by the representative of De Heus Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Program is subject to change without prior notice

Meet typical businesses in the livestock industry

The specialized roadshow on pig farming in Hung Yen organized by Vietstock is a bridge for businesses to expand their network, complete the supply chain together and boost revenue.

At this swine roadshow, apart from listening to the industry’s experts, the attendees could have opportunity to meet the Vietstock 2023 highlighted exhibitors with their outstanding products & solutions for swine production such as: PROFARM, TIGERVET, VNF FOOD.

PROFARM Agricultural Technology Trading Co. Ltd. is providing climate and feed sensors from Dol-sensors, and the climate control, Silo scale, IOT solution from CTI control Spain. The solution of the inverter controller decreases the power consumption 20-30% and increases the performance in farms. At the swine roadshow in Hung Yen, PROFARM will bring the CTI40 climate control, which is an IOT solution for livestock farms.

TIGERVET VIETNAM Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and distributing veterinary medicines, vaccines, supplements, and biotechnology products used in animal husbandry. TIGERVET always strives constantly to improve the quality of products and services. TT- FLOSOL 30, TIMO_G, TRITON S are highlight products of TIGERVET.

VIETNAM FOOD JSC (VNF) is a business operating with a vision “Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s resources”, VNF’s biotechnological ‘green’ orientation boosts the nutrient recovery and final value derived from shrimp co-products. SHRIMP PEPTIDE of VNF helps increase palatability and attractiveness, easy to digest, improves animal health.


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