The livestock roadshow with the theme Optimizing Livestock Production In Today’s Challenge will be held on August 5, 2023 at Sunway Hotel Phnom Penh No. 1, Street 92, Sangkat Wat Phnom, 120211, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



It can be reasonably assumed that livestock will remain a key sector within agriculture in the ASEAN region because of its contribution to high value food and nutrition, the demand for which will continue to grow with economic growth and urbanization. Role of smallholder systems will also remain important in some countries. (References: ASEAN strategic plan of action for cooperation on livestock (2021-2025)).

In the face of global fluctuations, the livestock industry in Vietnam and ASEAN countries experienced many difficulties when the prices of raw materials, especially animal feeds increased, and epidemics occurred and spread over a large area. These will be ” the calculation” that businesses as well as livestock households need to find “ the answer“.

Looking for solutions to overcome the above difficulties, Vietstock continues to organize an livestock roadshow with the topic Optimizing Livestock Production In Today’s Challenge in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This is the 3rd roadshow in a series of 5 roadshows organized by Vietstock.


With the support of the Cambodia Livestock Raisers Association (CLRA) and Animal feed management (GHAHP), the livestock roadshow in Cambodia will bring the latest regional market information, the most advanced technologies, and techniques.

The roadshow was pleased to welcome Mr. Srun Pov – President, Cambodia Livestock Raisers Association (CLRA) and Ms. Rose Chitanuwat, Regional Portfolio Director (ASEAN), Informa Markets.

The roadshow in Cambodia has the goal of opening up new approaches and solutions for businesses and livestock households in the immediate difficult situation.

The topics at roadshow:

  • Cambodia livestock production and market; The role of feed additive in animal feed
  • Update on ASF and post-pandemic adaptation solutions
  • Solution for Farm Problem (Increase income and production)
  • Sow Management

The leading experts in the livestock industry:

  • Meak Promol, PhD. – Chief of office of animal feed management, GHAHP
  • Nguyen Van Minh – Animal Health Expert, Vet24 Academy and IAES
  • Song Buntheang – Agrow Green Planet Co., Ltd.
  • Thoeun Than, Swine Expert, CEO, TK VET Co,.LD

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Vietstock exhibition and series of roadshow are a good opportunity for businesses in the livestock industry to expand business relationships and directly approach customers.

Operating in the livestock industry, VIETNAM FOOD (VNF) and ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL will display and introduce many typical products at the roadshow in Cambodia.

VIETNAM FOOD JSC (VNF) is a business operating with a vision “Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s resources”, VNF’s biotechnological ‘green’ orientation boosts the nutrient recovery and final value derived from shrimp co-products. SHRIMP PEPTIDE of VNF is a shrimp protein that has been hydrolyzed by specific enzymes that help to increase feed intake and improve intestinal health for animals.

ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel is a supplier of process solutions, technologies and services for the animal feed, aqua feed, pet food, and biofuel industries. The twin screw extruder model EXTS 718 is the ideal solution for extrusion of aqua feed and pet food with high inclusion of fresh meat, ensures complete utilization of starch, allows for higher flexibility in the formulation and enables a higher feed conversion ratio.


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