Livestock industry news update in May 2023. Facing difficulties and challenges of the livestock industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a conference to assess the current situation and propose solutions to poultry production in the new situation.

References: Nha Chan Nuoi, Nhan Dan, Chan Nuoi Viet Nam

Challenges of Vietnam livestock industry in the new situation

According to the Nha Chan Nuoi, in the new situation, the livestock industry may face the following major challenges:

  1. Potential risks and signs of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in Vietnam
  2. The prices of input products (especially feed prices) are high, leading to high production costs
  3. Climate change and a number of dangerous infectious diseases on poultry flocks; Limits in farmers’ awareness of biosecurity; Inadequacies in environmental sanitation and disease prevention
  4. Inadequacies in seed management; There is no complete seed system; Haven’t been able to take the initiative in high-quality seed; Importing breeds and livestock products of unknown origin
  5. Restrictions on organizing production according to linkage chains, associated with consumption markets
  6. The decline of the world and Vietnam’s economies leads to the suspension of operations and the reduction of personnel of many large enterprises, affecting the purchasing power of the market
  7. Price fluctuations of livestock products affect the psychology of farmers; Forecasts have not kept up with reality

Small-scale livestock production is also facing a lot of pressure

The Chan Nuoi Viet Nam page also updates the actual livestock production situation at smallholder households. According to Nguyen Van Nam, a chicken-raising householder in Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai, to produce 1kg of industrial chicken, it takes 1.6kg of feed (about 22,000 VND). Thus, a 2kg chicken costs about 44,000 VND for food, plus 5,000 VND for breeding stock, plus veterinary costs, electricity and water, labor …, will fall to about 55,000 VND/kg. Meanwhile, the price of broiler chicken is currently at an average of less than 30,000 VND/kg. Therefore, many livestock households had to “hang the barn”.

Small business households face many difficulties

A similar situation occurs in the pig industry. Vice Chairman of the Dong Nai Livestock Association, Nguyen Kim Doan, said that last year, small-scale livestock production accounted for about 70% of the province’s total pig herd, but this time it is only about 20-30% of the total. 7 millions, the rest belongs to businesses. If this situation persists, many large farming areas may be wiped out because farmers suffer long-term losses and do not have reinvested capital.

Assess the situation and propose solutions

Morning of April 27, in Hanoi, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development held a conference to assess the current situation and propose solutions to poultry production in the new situation. Deputy Minister Phung Duc Tien asked the delegates to contribute candid opinions for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to resolve.

For problems and difficulties beyond its authority, the Ministry will report to the Government, the Prime Minister and other ministries and branches to soon remove difficulties for the livestock industry, especially poultry production. Poultry farming plays an important role for the livestock industry, contributing to ensuring a safe and quality food source for the domestic market as well as for export.

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