2023 has been marked by notable achievements of Vietnam’s swine industry. However, there are further opportunities for growth within the sector. Playing a pivotal role in agriculture, the swine sector significantly contributes to food stability and fostering economic development in rural areas.

The swine exhibition is a must-attend event for swine industry stakeholders”. The event goes beyond a platform to showcase cutting-edge farming technologies, it is also an opportunity to stay updated on the latest market trends and relevant legal policies.

Participation in the exhibition offers valuable networking opportunities. You can connect with potential partners and customers while gaining valuable insights from leading industry experts. These knowledge and relationships will provide a strong foundation for the sustainable development of your livestock farms.

Let’s explore this topic with Vietstock!

Overview of the swine industry

2023 marked a successful year for Vietnam’s swine industry with several positive developments. According to the report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, the total pig population nationwide was estimated at 26.342 million (excluding approximately 4 million piglets), an increase of 4.2% compared to the same period in 2022. This marks the highest pig population in five years, ensuring a stable pork supply for domestic consumers.

The total output of live-weight pigs also witnessed a remarkable growth, reaching 4.866 million tons, a 7.2% increase compared to 2022. As a result, pork production accounted for 62.1% of the total output of live-weight meat from other livestock, reaffirming the significant position of the pig farming industry in the economy.

However, alongside the positive signals, there have been fluctuations in sows’ prices throughout the year. A decline in the overall pig population and a slight bump in live pig prices since April 2023 caused sows’ prices to increase  as well. They increased by about 5-6%, reaching around 1.2-1.3 million VND per pig. By mid-year, sows’ prices fluctuated between 1.25 million and 1.6 million VND per pig. By December 2023, the price continued to rise, reaching 1.2 – 1.55 million VND per pig for small-scale farms and 1.45 – 1.65 million VND per kilogram for industrial pigs. Consequently, this price is 100 – 400 thousand VND per kilogram higher compared to the same period in 2022.

The livestock feed ingredients’ prices have shown a downward trend compared to 2022. However, compared to pre-pandemic levels in 2020, these costs are still substantially higher, ranging from 32-46% depending on the feed ingredient. This fluctuation in input prices significantly impacts the profitability of livestock farmers.

Emerging trends in the swine industry

The swine industry is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging to address both rising market demands and unforeseen difficulties. Below are some of the latest trends in the swine industry updated by Vietstock:

Market demand for pork and pork products

Driven by a growing population with rising disposable incomes, the global demand for pork is projected to keep climbing in the upcoming years. This trend is further fueled by the increasing popularity of convenient processed pork options like sausages, ham, and jerky. Therefore, Vietnam’s pork and pork product export market holds significant potential.

The significant increase in market demand poses challenges for the swine industry in meeting the sufficient quantity and quality of pork for consumers. To tackle this challenge, pig farming businesses need effective development strategies. Additionally, government support through well-designed policies is vital to ensure a thriving swine industry.

Implement technology-driven approaches for effective pig farming

The application of scientific techniques in pig farming has become increasingly familiar to farmers, including:

  • Utilizing high-yield, high-quality hybrid sows to reduce disease and enhance productivity.
  • Apply automated feeding systems and smart herd management systems to reduce management tasks.
  • Use farm management software to monitor livestock efficiency and optimize costs.

These emerging trends offer various practical benefits for farmers:

  • Enhancing pork productivity and quality.
  • Reducing production costs.
  • Increasing efficiency in herd management.
  • Environmental protection.

The rise of sustainable and eco-friendly pig farming practices

The pig farming industry is gradually shifting towards sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly development to meet the growing demands of the market and consumers.

Farming models

Currently, there are two pig farming models that are sustainable and environmentally friendly:

  • Organic pig farming: Using organic feed, minimizes the use of pesticides and antibiotics, ensuring consumer safety and environmental protection.
  • Factory pig farming: Enables strict control over the farming environment, reducing the negative impact on the surrounding environment while enhancing production efficiency.

A comprehensive solution

A sustainable farm-to-table farming approach empowers pig farmers and downstream businesses to:

  • Using safe and traceable feed: This ensures both pigs’ health and consumers’ safety. 
  • Implement effective disease prevention measures: This minimizes disease outbreaks, protecting the pigs’ health and the environment.
  • Manage livestock waste effectively: Using effective livestock waste treatment methods such as composting and biogas production to protect the environment.


Producing safe, high-quality pork will meet the growing consumer demand for safe and quality food. It will also minimize the negative environmental impact of pig farming and ensure the long-term, sustainable development of the industry.

The latest solutions for the pig farming industry

While keeping abreast of trends, the pig farming industry faces ongoing challenges, including disease outbreaks, climate change, and evolving consumer preferences. Therefore, the timely application of innovative solutions is essential to enhance efficiency and ensure sustainable development in the pig farming sector. Below are some of the latest solutions in this field:

Utilizing new pig breeds with high productivity and quality

  • Duroc swine: Renowned for its high lean meat content and delicious flavor, suitable for premium pork markets.
  • Landrace swine: Excellent reproductive capabilities, high lean meat content, low fat, suitable for lean meat production.
  • Yorkshire swine: Fast growth rate, high lean meat ratio, suitable for crossbreeding with other pig breeds.
  • Pietrain swine: High lean meat ratio, high-quality meat, suitable for the export pork market.
  • Hampshire swine: Well-adapted to harsh environmental conditions, low fat, suitable for farming in hot climate regions.

Advanced nutrition and feed solutions for pigs

  • Using animal feed with clear origins to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  • Incorporating prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes into feed to enhance digestion efficiency and nutrient absorption.
  • Using raw feed ingredients with high nutritional content depends on each stage of pig development.
  • Implementing advanced feed production technology to ensure consistency in product quality.

Using modern and automated barn systems in pig farming

  • Establishing modern barns with suitable ventilation and cooling systems, tailored to regional climate conditions.
  • Using automated systems for feeding, watering, waste collection, temperature regulation, etc, to minimize labor costs and enhance farming efficiency.
  • Adopt advanced technological solutions for monitoring pigs’ health and enable early detection of diseases.

Disease prevention and biosecurity solutions for pigs

  • Strictly implement disease prevention measures as prescribed by veterinary authorities.
  • Ensure full vaccinations to the pig herd according to recommended schedules.
  • Regularly clean barns and farming equipment.
  • Apply strict access control measures for the livestock farming area.
  • Provide training to farmers on disease prevention and biosecurity practices.

Applying the latest and timely solutions in pig farming will enhance productivity and pork quality, reduce production costs, protect the environment, and foster sustainable development of the pig farming industry.

Partnership and investment opportunities

Therefore, the pig farming industry is opening up numerous opportunities for collaboration and potential investment for investors both domestically and internationally. The VIETSTOCK 2024 exhibition – Vietnam’s Premier International Feed, Livestock, Aquaculture & Meat Industry Show – will help livestock farmers and businesses efficiently seize these opportunities. 

Meet leading providers of pig farming solutions:

The exhibition brings together leading global businesses that provide the latest pig farming solutions. This is a golden opportunity for you to directly meet suppliers, learn about the latest solutions, and explore potential business partners. 

Participate in conferences and technical seminars:

The exhibition offers various conferences and technical seminars led by leading experts in the pig farming industry. Participating in these technical seminars, you will gain insights on the latest knowledge and trends in pig farming, while exchanging ideas and networking with industry experts and investors.

Explore potential partners and investment opportunities:

Participating in the Pig Farming Exhibition (Vietstock 2024), you’ll have access to numerous potential investment projects in the pig farming industry. This is an opportunity to seek partnerships, joint ventures, or invest in potential projects that fit with your business goals.

Furthermore, the Vietstock 2024 exhibition brings various other benefits such as:

  • Increase brand awareness and product awareness.
  • Reach potential customers and expand the consumption market.
  • Increase networking with industry partners.
  • Stay updated on the latest market trends and technologies.

Vietnam’s Premier International Feed, Livestock, Aquaculture & Meat Industry ShowVIETSTOCK 2024 is an event for investors seeking to enter this promising pig farming industry. Join the exhibition to explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities, and contribute to the sustainable development of the pig farming sector.

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