Vietnam’s livestock industry contributes 20% of GDP, ensures food security and creates 10 million jobs. However, the industry also faces many challenges such as climate change, epidemics, and international competition.

VIETSTOCK 2024 is a gathering place for experts and businesses to share and present technological innovations, advanced management solutions, and new techniques in the industry. This is an opportunity to stay current with the latest advances, address current challenges, and take advantage of future growth opportunities.

In this exhibition, not only new knowledge and technology are refreshed, but also a place for businesses to connect, create partnerships, and promote exports. This event is a companion and business bridge of the livestock industry in Vietnam and the region.

Accessing and applying technical advancementsis indispensable to sustain and advance the position of Vietnam’s livestock industry. Let’s join VIETSTOCK 2024 to update development directions for the future, ensuring the livestock industry not only adapts to change but also rises to the top.

Introduction to VIETSTOCK 2024

Phiên bản đặc biệt kỷ niệm 20 năm thành lập – VIETSTOCK 2024 dự kiến sẽ thu hút 400 đơn vị trưng bày và hơn 13.000 khách tham quan thương mại & chuyên ngành trong 3 ngày triển lãm.
The special 20th anniversary edition – VIETSTOCK 2024 is expected to attract 400 exhibitors and over 13,000 trade and professional visitors during the three-day exhibition

VIETSTOCK Expo and Forum was established in 2004, with 20 years of organization, VIETSTOCK will be the unique one-stop business platform for professionals in Vietnam & region, who are involved in the farm-to-fork value chain for feed, livestock, meat & aquaculture products to meet up, create new business opportunities, come up with new ideas and solutions.

Chronicles of Evolution and Growth

From its establishment, VIETSTOCK has quickly grown in scale and quality, becoming one of the largest and most influential exhibitions in the livestock industry in Southeast Asia. This annual event always receives great attention from the business community and related organizations.

Scope of influence

VIETSTOCK is not only a meeting place for local exhibitors but also attracts the participation of hundreds of international exhibitors from many countries and regions around the world. The exhibition has become an important bridge to help Vietnamese manufacturers access advanced technologies, connect with foreign investors, and expand export markets.

Highlight programs and activities

Triển lãm VIETSTOCK 2024 sẽ có nhiều hoạt động đa dạng nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu của tất cả các bên tham gia
The VIETSTOCK 2024 exhibition will feature a variety of activities designed to meet the needs of all participants

VIETSTOCK 2024 will include many diverse activities to meet the needs of all participants:

  • Vietstock Awards 2024: 12th Vietnam’s Livestock & Aquaculture Industry Award. The Department of Livestock Production (MARD) has given its endorsement to acknowledge the exceptional organizations and companies that have made significant contributions to the local livestock, feed, and aquaculture industry.
  • Technologies, Products & Solutions Showcase: Exhibit and introduce the key products and services of the business to a significant number of specialized visitors from over 50 countries.
  • Conferences & Technical Seminars: Vietstock – An Education Hub for Technical Knowledges and Market update in Livestock & Aquaculture Industry.
  • The Series of Livestock & Aquaculture Roadshows: A series of livestock & aquaculture roadshows will be organized in various livestock provinces in Vietnam and neighboring regions before the exhibition. The objective is to enhance the farming techniques of households and increase opportunities to directly connect with potential customers for businesses.
  • Match & Meet Program: Our platform offers a professional business networking space where Exhibitors and leading industry experts can connect quickly and privately, opening the opportunity to reach the “final decision” right on the event.
  • Bus-in Program: With a focus on livestock and aquaculture farmers, the Bus-in Program provided transportation services to multiple provinces in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Eggcellent Theatre: Vietstock celebrated World Egg Day at Eggcellent Theatre with many highlighted activities: DID YOU KNOW program – interesting information about eggs and benefits from eggs, showcase area for eggs and products related to egg production, EGG-GIFT-AWAY, egg production technical seminar.
  • Exhibitor Finder: Vietstock 2024 offers visitors an onsite efficient tool to easily locate their preferred exhibitors. By utilizing the Exhibitor Finder Screens strategically placed throughout the exhibition hall, visitors can search for exhibitors based on products or company names and obtain directions to their booths.

With a wealth of experience and large scale, VIETSTOCK 2024 be an unmissable event for everyone working in the livestock industry, while contributing to the overall development of the industry in Vietnam and the region.

Advanced technical and technological solutions for the livestock industry

The livestock industry plays an important role in the Vietnam economy, providing an essential food source for people. However, the livestock industry is also facing many challenges such as: epidemics, climate change, environmental pollution, price fluctuations… To solve these challenges, the application of advanced solutions and technology in the livestock industry are extremely necessary.

Triển lãm là nơi quy tụ các nhà cung cấp, chuyên gia hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực chăn nuôi
The VIETSTOCK 2024 exhibition will offer a diverse range of activities to meet the needs of all participants

VIETSTOCK 2024 is a gathering place for leading businesses and experts in the field of livestock, introducing the most advanced solutions and technology, including:

  • Automation system: Helps automate stages in the livestock raising process such as feeding, drinking, removing manure, collecting eggs, regulating the environment… This system helps save labor and reduce production costs. output and improve productivity.
  • Management system: Helps monitor the health, growth, and development of each animal, manage food, record medical examination and treatment history, vaccination… This software helps farmers understand the situation. Correct condition of animals, promptly detect and handle arising problems.
  • Biotechnology: Applied in animal feed production, vaccine production, veterinary medicine… helps improve product quality and minimize impact on the environment.
  • Traceability solution: Helps track the source and origin of products from farm to table, ensuring food safety for consumers.
  • Waste treatment solutions: Helps treat wastewater and livestock manure effectively, protecting the environment.
  • Feed ingredients: Animal feed additives & animal nutrition.
  • Veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, vaccines.

Benefits of applying advanced solutions and technology to the livestock industry:

  • Improve productivity and product quality: automate stages in the livestock farming process, minimizing human errors, thereby improving productivity and product quality.
  • Save production costs: save labor, food, veterinary medicine… thereby reducing production costs.
  • Minimize impact on the environment: treat livestock waste effectively, minimizing environmental pollution.
  • Improving the health and lives of farmers: reduce labor burden and improve working conditions for livestock farmers.

Why exhibit at VIETSTOCK 2024?

VIETSTOCK is The Vietnam’s Premier International Feed, Livestock, Aquaculture & Meat Industry Show, taking place concurrently with Aquaculture Vietnam 2024, from October 9 to 11, 2024 at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC, 799 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), provides a comprehensive connection platform for the feed, livestock, meet & aquaculture products. Exhibiting at VIETSTOCK 2024 is a great opportunity to:

  • Enhance opportunities: Network face-to-face with more than 13.000+ key decision makers, buyers, and suppliers in the livestock & aquaculture industry.
  • Broader knowledge: Stay updated on the latest livestock and aquaculture advancements through a unique event that gathers all relevant knowledge and information.
  • Greater sales: Experience a rapid increase in revenue by targeting many potential customers simultaneously. Collaborate with top partners to shorten the sales cycle and optimize the supply chain.
  • Optimized efficiency: Join us at this event and find a cost-effective way to accomplish your business goals.

Why visit VIETSTOCK 2024?

  • Source new products and solutions and gather new ideas: Vietstock and its co-located events Aquaculture Vietnam will welcome over 13,000 delegates and trade visitors and more than 400 exhibitors from 50 countries under a one-stop venue for solutions and services to all who are involved in livestock meat and aquaculture. Source new products and solutions and gather new ideas from leading livestock, meat, and aquaculture companies from 50 countries to grow your business and increase your profit, including pavilion from China, Denmark, Korea, Netherlands Taiwan, Thailand, and many more.
  • Attend free international conferences and technical seminars: Attend free international conferences and technical seminars – industry experts will lead the panel of speakers at technical conferences where interesting topics for the livestock, meat and aquaculture industries will be discussed.
  • Stay connected with industry professionals: Stay connected with industry professionals – meet exhibitors, visitors to establish new relationships.
  • Learn from experts: Vietstock Expo & Forum also provides many alongside events including Business Matching Programme, Technical Seminars and Conference
Triển lãm Vietstock 2024 mang đến nền tảng kết nối toàn diện ngành chăn nuôi và thủy sản
The Vietstock 2024 exhibition provides a comprehensive platform for connecting the livestock and aquaculture industries

Instructions for registering a booth at VIETSTOCK 2024 Expo and Forum

There are 2 ways to register to attend Vietstock 2024:

Register online

  • Visit the official website of Vietstock 2024: 
  • Click the Online – Registration” button on the menu bar.
  • Completely fill out the online registration form.
  • Confirm registration and wait for email notification from the organizers.

Register as a group

Bus-in Program is Vietstock 2024‘s tailor-made transportation services for groups of minimum 30 pax to livestock, meat, and aquaculture farmers from various provinces in Vietnam and Cambodia to easily travel and visit Vietstock 2024 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC).

You will receive some priority as below:

  • Express visitor registration at the Group Delegation Counter
  • Free transportation
  • Group photograph session upon arrival
  • Free-attend concurrent activities
  • Receiving updated information about the Event

To register Group Visit Program, please contact us:

Additionally, if you are a business that wants to Introduce products, services, solutions to expand markets and connect with potential customers. You can register for a booth today to receive the best support at: 




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