Vietnam’s economy is on a strong growth path, leading to increasing demand for food. The livestock industry is important in ensuring national food security and providing abundant and quality food for the people.

To meet the needs, the livestock industry must apply advanced solutions to improve production efficiency. Animal feed is pivotal, directly affecting livestock herds’ quality and productivity.

To help farmers access the most advanced animal feed solutions, the international exhibition specializing in livestock, animal feed, aquaculture, and meat processing will be held from October 9 to 11. 2024 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC, Ho Chi Minh City).

This article will provide you with detailed information about the animal feed exhibition – VIETSTOCK, including:

  • Discover more about animal feed.
  • Optimal solutions for the livestock industry.
  • Benefits when applying optimal animal feed solutions.
  • Opportunity to connect with experts and businesses in the livestock industry at the upcoming exhibition.

Let’s explore optimal solutions for the livestock industry at the Vietstock!

Animal Feed: Definition, Classification & Role

Animal feed is ingredients, mixtures, or products derived from plants, animals, microorganisms, or minerals used to provide nutrition for livestock. The provision of such feed is crucial for maintaining the well-being, growth, and yield of farm animals.

Feed plays an important role in ensuring livestock’s health, development, and productivity.

Moreover, the nutritional value of pet food is also an important factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Animal feed is classified based on many different criteria, including:


  • Foods of plant: grains, beans, green foods, straw, …
  • Food of animal: fish meal, meat, and bones…
  • Foods of microbial: probiotics, yeast…
  • Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, salt…

Nutritional ingredients:

  • Energy-rich foods: cereals, fats…
  • Foods rich in protein: fish meal, soybeans…
  • Foods rich in vitamins and minerals: green vegetables, premix…


  • Animal feed: cows, pigs, chickens, …
  • Aquatic food: fish, shrimp, crab, …
  • Pet food: dogs, cats, …

Providing proper nutrition for animals is essential for supplying the necessary nutrients for their growth, ensuring they remain healthy and develop well. This enhances both productivity and the quality of the output. High-quality animal feed not only supports the healthy growth of animals but also leads to the production of superior products such as meat, milk, and eggs. It also plays a role in lowering feed expenses and boosting farmers’ profits.

Animal feed is a pivotal element in the livestock sector. Correct usage of feed is key to maintaining animal health, fostering growth, and enhancing the quality of livestock products, all while aiding in the conservation of the environment.

What is the current expert-recommended solutions being implemented in the livestock industry? Join us as we explore these strategies with Vietstock in the content that follows.

Optimal solution for the livestock industry

With the escalating demand for food, enhancing production efficiency is imperative for the livestock industry. The adoption of cutting-edge animal feed strategies is crucial for boosting livestock productivity and assuring the quality of the products.

Profitability in animal husbandry is influenced not only by environmental conditions, genetics, and overall herd health but also significantly by animal nutrition. Consequently, farmers need to adhere to established nutritional standards for each raw material and possess a thorough understanding of the dietary requirements pertinent to each developmental stage of the animals. This knowledge enables them to craft and assess feed formulations that are aligned with the growth patterns of the livestock.

Presented next are several contemporary animal feed solutions that are currently in use:

Solution 1: Food according to each stage of animal development

Animal development encompasses various stages, each with its unique nutritional requirements, ranging from the breeding phase to growth, maturation, and reproduction. Tailoring the diet to match these stages is key to optimal animal development.

Using food suitable for each stage of development will help animals develop best.

Farmers can cater to the nutritional needs of their livestock by focusing on the following critical life cycle stages:

  • Breeding stage: A diet rich in nutrients is essential for body growth, immune function, and digestive health. A comprehensive intake of protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids is crucial.
  • Growth stage: A high-energy diet is necessary for swift weight gain, emphasizing foods that are energy-dense and protein-rich to foster muscle growth.
  • Development stage: A balanced diet is needed to fully mature the body and prime it for reproduction, with a focus on an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals.
  • Reproductive stage: To maintain health, produce high-quality milk or eggs, and support offspring, a diet high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals is imperative.

Selecting premium-quality feed and an appropriate diet ensures the best development of animals, leading to substantial profits for farmers.

Solution 2: Specialized food for each type of animal

Currently, each livestock species is provided with a distinct dietary and nutritional regimen tailored to its specific needs. Utilizing specialized feeds for each animal type ensures that their nutritional requirements are fully met, promoting healthy growth. This approach marks a departure from the traditional practice of using a uniform food source for all animals in husbandry.

Each type of livestock (buffalo, cow, pig, poultry…) will be designed with a different food and nutritional formula.

For instance:

  • Cattle require a diet rich in nutrients to support muscle growth, digestive health, and robust fertility.
  • Poultry needs a high-protein diet for feather development, egg production, and rapid weight gain.
  • Aquaculture species demand a diet high in protein and essential amino acids to foster bodily growth, bolster the immune system, and enhance adaptability to aquatic environments.

Solution 3: Food Applying Biotechnology

The integration of biotechnology in the production of animal feed has led to the creation of superior-quality food products that are safer for both animals and the environment. The incorporation of enzymes and probiotics, for example, improves nutrient absorption in animals, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

The adoption of modern animal feed solutions offers numerous advantages to the livestock sector. These innovative practices enhance the efficiency of livestock management, cut down on production costs, contribute to environmental protection, and elevate the quality of the end products.

Benefits of applying optimal animal feed solutions

In a market where livestock product exports surpassed 430 million USD in 2023, leveraging the best feed solutions is essential. These solutions serve as a “golden key,” granting businesses and individuals a significant edge in the competitive landscape. The economic benefits are clear, but beyond that, these solutions unlock new growth avenues for the entire industry.

Optimal food solutions are the “golden key” to help businesses and individuals create outstanding competitive advantages.

Key advantages of optimal animal feed solutions:

  • Boosting Livestock Efficiency: Tailored feed strategies enhance animal nutrition, foster growth, elevate productivity, and reduce costs.
  • Guaranteeing Food Safety: Selecting feeds with transparent origins mitigates disease risks, ensuring both product integrity and consumer safety.
  • Aligning with Market Preferences: By meeting farming standards and consumer preferences, optimal feeds help produce quality products, bolstering both local and global market positions.

By implementing optimal feed solutions, businesses and individuals in the livestock industry can achieve the following:

  • Increase Profits: Enhance farming efficiency, reduce costs, and produce high-quality products to boost business profits.
  • Enhance Brand Reputation: Offering safe, quality products help build brand credibility and consumer trust.
  • Sustainable Development: Optimal feed solutions contribute to environmental protection, ensuring sustainable growth for the livestock sector.

Stay tuned for more information in the article to discover the detailed benefits of each aspect: farming efficiency, food safety, and market standards compliance.

Currently, Vietstock Expo & Forum 2024 has provided a piece of detailed information on optimal feed solutions for the livestock industry. You can learn more in the next section of the content, related to the animal feed exhibition, for an opportunity to directly engage with experts!

Discover solutions at the animal feed exhibition – Vietstock Expo & Forum

Established in 2004, the 12th edition of VIETSTOCK Expo & Forum – Vietnam’s Premier International Feed, Livestock, Aquaculture & Meat Industry Show will be held on 09-11 October 2024 at Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Co-located with Aquaculture Vietnam 2024, VIETSTOCK 2024 will be the unique one-stop business platform for professionals in Vietnam & region, who are involved in the farm-to-fork value chain for feed, livestock, meet & aquaculture products to meet up, create new business opportunities, come up with new ideas and solutions.

The show expects to attract 400 international & local exhibitors and 13.000 trade visitors & professional buyers during the 3-day show. This is a great opportunity for farmers to update the most advanced animal feed production technology, animal feed ingredient additives, and feed production machinery and find optimal solutions for their needs. its production activities.

Moreover, the event serves as a perfect venue for corporate networking, knowledge exchange, and the pursuit of collaborative ventures, thus fostering linkages among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. This synergy propels the advancement of Vietnam’s livestock sector.

A series of livestock & aquaculture roadshows will be organized in various livestock provinces in Vietnam and neighboring regions before the exhibition. The objective is to enhance the farming techniques of households and increase opportunities to directly connect with potential customers for businesses.

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