Roadshow on layer raising with the topic Improvement of layer protection from diseases was organized by Vietstock at Song Tien Restaurant, No. 01, Lanh Binh Can, Ward 1, My Tho City, Tien Giang, on July 27, 2023.


Vietnam’s livestock development strategy for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045 with the following orientations: By 2023, the total number of chickens will be maintained regularly from 500-550 million, of which about 60% are raised by industrial methods; Egg production is about 23 billion eggs, poultry meat accounts for 29-31% of total carcass production, etc

To achieve the above goal as well as increase the competitiveness of the poultry industry will certainly need a long-term roadmap related to many different issues. According to Mr. Bui Duc Huyen – Director of Viet Tin Nutrition Joint Stock Company, forming and strengthening linkages in the poultry industry is one of the practical methods to help the industry reduce production costs, overcome difficult at this time. For more poultry industry news.

Following a series of 05 roadshows to promote the development of Vietnam’s livestock industry, a specialized seminar on layer will be held by Vietstock in My Tho, Tien Giang on July 27, 2023.

The conference is a scientific forum where leading experts update the latest market information, as well as share expertise and experiences. The conference will also be a meeting place for businesses in the industry, helping to expand and strengthen the chain of enterprises.


The seminar on raising layer in Tien Giang was organized under the support and companionship of the Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam and Animal Husbandry & Animal Health Association in Tien Giang. Present at the workshop, Dr. Nguyen Quoc Dat – Vice President, Animal Husbandry Association of Vietnam will share about the topic Current situation and solutions for Vietnam livestock industry 2023.

Following the seminar program, Dr. Thai Quoc Hieu – Vice President – Animal Husbandry & Animal Health Association in Tien Giang, Deputy Director, Livestock – Animal Health Department in Tien Giang Province will share about:Applying the high technology in layer production.

At layer roadshow, the topic Using effective vaccines against Infectious Laringotracheitisp (ILT) in layer chicken will be presented by Dr. Tran Thanh Son – Head of Poultry Technical Department – CP Vietnam.

Let’s close the layer roadshow with the content of Odor treatment in layer farm with Organic carbon technology from PhD. Yukihiro Sugiyama from Nhat Viet Smart Future Joint Stock Company.

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Viestock helps to expand business relationships and strengthen links in the livestock industry value chain. Vietstock is a destination connecting typical businesses in the livestock industry in Vietnam and the region. At layer roadshow in My Tho, Tien Giang, VEMEDIM and PROFARM will bring to display many typical products.

Vemedim Corporation is a company specializing in the production, domestic and international trading of veterinary and aquatic drugs. Vemedim exports veterinary medicine and aquatic products to more than 49 countries and regions. Permavit is a typical product of Vemedim, supplementing with Vitamin, Acid Amin, Electrolyte to help increase food utilization efficiency, increases hatching and fertility rates, and boosts egg production.

PROFARM Agricultural Technology Trading Co. Ltd. is providing climate and feed sensors from Dol-sensors, and the climate control, silo scale, IOT solution from CTI control Spain. The solution of the inverter controller decreases the power consumption 20-30% and increases the performance in farms. At the swine roadshow in Hung Yen, PROFARM will bring the CTI40 climate control, which is an IOT solution for livestock farms.

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