The leading seminar roadshow with the topic Disease Control and Farm Management in Broiler Production will be held on August 16, 2023, at 18E – No. 58 Binh Duong Boulevard, Ward Phu Hoa, City. Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong.


In Binh Duong, many livestock farmers have turned to biosecurity farming models to serve the increasing demands of consumers for product quality, food safety and hygiene. In Binh Duong, swine, poultry farms all apply at least one high-tech technical measure or high-tech product in the production and preliminary processing of products.

Not only maintaining the growth rate, the livestock models in the direction of modern, closed, bio-secure, and the link chain from production to consumption have also been expanded, helping farmers to increase the value of their products in a sustainable way. The model is mainly concentrated in 4 northern districts of Binh Duong (Bau Bang, Phu Giao, Dau Tieng and Bac Tan Uyen).

According to Mr. Tran Minh Duc, Head of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station in Phu Giao district, Binh Duong province, over the years, Binh Duong has promoted the development of livestock and poultry production in the direction of biosecurity, food safety and hygiene in concentrated farms, associated with waste treatment and environmental sanitation. Ensure stable development of livestock in the area.


Today’s agriculture industry is guiding farmers to apply technical advances in breeds & feed, implement biosecurity process in farming, and control disease to limit risks.

The agricultural industry recommends that farmers participate and expand linkages in livestock production to stabilize prices and output for products. The agricultural sector has strengthened coordination with localities to monitor the development of livestock production and epidemics; increase and re-herd pigs in the province to ensure supply.

Join the broiler roadshow organized by Vietstock with the theme of Disease Control and Farm Management in Broiler Production, to update the latest knowledge and technology in poultry production. The roadshow will be held on August 16 in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong. Register here.

Topics that will be shared by leading experts:

  • Overview of Poultry market in Vietnam – Opportunities and Challenges – Dr. Hoang Tuan Thanh – Director of Vigova Poultry Research And Development Centre (VIGOVA).
  • Farm management in poultry production: Farm designing – wind speed, lighting, temperature, humidity. Common diseases, disease prevention and biosecurity management. Dr. Nguyen Huu Truong – CP Vietnam.
  • Applying technology in selecting, improving the quality of poultry breeds – Dr. Le Thanh Hai – Southern Animal Husbandry Sub-Institute – National Institute of Animal Science
  • Broiler Management – Mr. Oai To Chau (Michael), Technical Services Manager, Aviagen Asia Pacific


Businesses expand their supply chains as well as develop their businesses at Vietstock exhibitions and Vietstock’s roadshows. Meet the typical enterprises in the livestock industry: VEMEDIM, NANOCHEM and PROFARM.

Vemedim is a company specializing in the production, domestic and international trading of veterinary and aquatic drugs. Vemedim exports veterinary medicine and aquatic products to more than 49 countries and regions. Permavit is a typical product of Vemedim, supplementing with Vitamin, Acid Amin, Electrolyte to help increase food utilization efficiency, increases hatching and fertility rates, and boosts egg production.

Nanochem Co., Ltd established in 2008, a trading company which imports and distributes food, feed, fertiliser additive and nutrition products to supply customers throughout Vietnam. BioAktiv Professional Animal Feed (Pig & Poultry) and BioAktiv Professional Salis (Pig & Poultry) are added to animal feed and drinking water respectively to enhance the health and growth of pig, poultry, and ruminant.

Profarm Agricultural Technology Trading Co. Ltd. is providing climate and feed sensors from Dol-sensors, and the climate control, silo scale, IOT solution from CTI control Spain. The solution of the inverter controller decreases the power consumption 20-30% and increases the performance in farms. At the swine roadshow in Hung Yen, PROFARM will bring the CTI40 climate control, which is an IOT solution for livestock farms.


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