Updated of our technical seminar program at VIETSTOCK 2016 Expo & Forum


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Theme : Managing Feed Quality & Safety
Date : 19 October 2016
Venue : Seminar room A – Inside hall A2 (Ground floor)

10.15 – 10.50 
Topic: Opening new doors to reduced antibiotics production
Speaker: Mr. Rob Patteerson, Director of Technical Services, Canadian Bio-Systems Inc., Calgary, Alberta
Synopsis: The world of poultry and swine production is evolving rapidly as farming operations seek new ways to strengthen production while also meeting new expectations of the marketplace, such as the trend toward reduced reliance on antibiotics. One of the most promising areas of advancement to help farmers succeed in this new era is feed technology. Innovations with feed additives, such as multi-carbohydrase enzyme technology and other forms of bio-based feed supplements, have shown great potential in a growing body of evidence from recent research studies. Prebiotic and probiotic options are becoming increasingly important to help support the reduced antibiotics production approaches of the future
11.00 – 12.00 
Topic: DDGS: Nutrition Research & 2017 Market Outlook
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Herrick, Technical Services Director, POET Nutrition LLC
Synopsis: POET is the largest DDGS manufacturer in North America. POET's Technical Services Director, Dr. Kevin Herrick, will present recent University research on DDGS applications in the swine, poultry, dairy, and aquaculture industries. POET's Senior Merchandiser, David Kiesner, will present on the commercial outlook for DDGS in 2017 and comment on trending topics in the global trade.

13.30 – 14.00 
Topic: Needed nutrients in the absence of antibiotics.
Speaker: PhD - Dr. Duong Thanh Liem, Professor at Nong Lam University, International Nutrition
Synopsis: Nowadays people in the world are more concern about human health and food safety that leads governments of most countries to limit or prohibit the use of antibiotics; therefore the farmers/producers need to find solutions to keep the livestock, poultry, fishes, shrimps and other species to have good health, immune system to achieve high performance and to prevent the break out of diseases to maintain good profit from raising animals without antibiotics 
14.15 – 14.45
Topic: Industry Outlook Feed Additives 2016-2020
Speaker: Mr. Robert Walbeek, Export General Manager, Kinetika
Synopsis: Shenyang Kinetika Biotec is proud to be considered a company that delivers products to the Chinese market which are safe, clean,natural,environmental friendly and manufactured according to the latest technologies and procedures
15.00 - 16.15 
Topic: Mineral solutions enhancing electrolytic balance for an improved feed conversion rate under hot climate condition
Speaker: Ms.Helene Briand, Phosphea Product Manager Asia-Pacific, TIMAB
Synopsis: Early growing phases for pigs and broilers are the most challenging periods. The challenge is even more difficult with hot climate conditions and the recent ban of antibiotics. Heat stress disturbs the entire body including acid-base homeostasis, electrolyte balance (EB) and digestive functions. Moreover, owing to the shortage and the prices volatility of raw materials, crude proteins are gradually replaced by synthetic amino acids in modern pig feed which reduces the dietary electrolyte balance (DEB). Both phenomena contribute to lower performance and survival rates. Mineral solutions have been developed to enhance easily the DEB in pig and poultry to improve performance under hot climate condition
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