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Theme : Farm Management and Disease Control in Livestock Farm
Date : 20 October 2016
Venue : Seminar room B – Inside Hall A1

9.30 – 10.00  
Topic: Swine respiratory diseases & control strategles 
Dr. Waranee Prakatthagomol, Technical specialist, Better Pharma
Synopsis The most common health problem in swine is the respiratory problems. The causes of problems are infection and non- infection, which can affect any stages of production. Predisposing factor of the problem is usually an improper management. It was found out that the problems mainly cause by virus and bacterial infection.  Medication and vaccination are the important tools to prevent and control the problem that cause by various pathogens but it’s costly. On the other hand, careful observation and real- time, fine tune for management are required for minimizing lost. 
10.45 – 11.15
 Topic: The effect of stimulating appetite and feed intake on the performance of highly prolific sows during lactation in tropical hot climates

Mr. Ab Greven, Business Manager, Nutriad – Palatability
Synopsis: At critical points during pig production appetite and feed intake are often compromised by a variety of factors such as weaning, diet transitions, unpalatable feed ingredients and heat stress. Ensuring the feed is as attractive to the pigs as possible during these critical periods will ensure target production and economic performance are achieved. Under conditions of heat stress, pigs reduce their appetite in order to reduce heat production due to the thermogenic effect of food (TEF). The climate is the first limiting factor of efficient pig production in hot climates. In addition to poor appetite caused by heat stress sows are genetically selected to be lean and prolific at the expense of body reserves in the form of fat and appetite. With the potential to raise more than 12 piglets per litter at over 2.5 kg/day litter weight gain everything must be done to maximize feed intake.
11.30 – 12.15
Impact of PED of Growing Pigs and its Prevention
Asst. Prof. Dr Pariwat Poolperm, Kasetsart University

13.30 – 14.30 
Closed Houses are the Standard Today - What’s Next 
Mr. Tommy H. Krogh, Climate & Production Specialist, Skov

Great demands are made on the climate system in the livestock house to ensure an exact adjustment of temperature, air humidity and air velocity, among other things, in order to create optimum conditions. There is only one correct temperature – if it is not sustained, an optimum productivity cannot be attained.

The ventilation system must ensure optimum climate. The optimum temperature is very critical and in case of deviations, the mortality rate will rise significantly and productivity as regards weight and FCR, can be damaged.

The Combi-Tunnel system takes this complex of problems into account. The ventilation system consists of two systems ventilating according to two different principles.

A FarmOnline® system allows the producer to extract numerous climate and production data from each house computer and use it to prepare in-depth analyses as well as to take steps to optimize production.


We Must Change for Biosecurity

Dr. John Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Big Herdsman
Biosecurity is more important than ever nowadays, especially in the field of animal farming. This presentation shows you how to avoid unnecessary infection through seperate feed delivery inside and outside of farm.

Topic:   Biosecurity and animal aid materials per animal category
Speaker: Member of Holland Pig

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